An idea that went round the world

Since February, 1970, the Weigert Fossil Replicas – accurate reproductions of the original fossils – have been esteemed by scientists, at schools, and by everyone interested in the early history of the earth.

A reproduction required for a town’s historical coat of arms led Weigert- Fossil to the development of a special pressing process which has since been patented world-wide. The process makes it possible to create fossil replicas that are close to the original in minute detail, and nevertheless very reasonably priced.

The Archaeopterix Lithographion, one of the best known fossils, was found in a stone quarry near Solnhofen, only a few kilometres away from Neuburg on the Danube, the location of our company. It was the obvious decision to choose the Archaeopterix for the first reproduction. And we are proud of the fact that there is hardly any visual difference between the original and the replica impressed on stone.

In the meantime, we have reproduced numerous fossils from fish to reptiles and attractive plants, all of which are exactly like the original in colour, size and relief and are mounted on stone. The valuable originals can be found in museums all over the world. Our fossil replicas are not only suitable for use in schools but also as attractive room decoration.

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