Tropical Plant
Maffeia ceratophylloides (Massalongo)

Bolca was a tropical coralline atoll in some respects resembling the atolls of the Pacific Ocean. The big saurians had previously become extinct. Long since life had already conquered land. An abundant vegetation with a lavish variety of plants and blossoos covered the ground where at this time birds and highly developped mammals roamed. In the beginning this was a peacefully progressing epoch but eventually became turbulent. Increased volcanic activity occured. The ground raised gradually and big rivers plunged with huge cascades into the sea bringing with them also torn off and uprooted plants from the near-by shores to the lagones where they preserved as floral relicts.

That also happened to this decorous plant Maffeia ceratophylloides resembling a Japanese Bonsai tree. The Italian Abramo Massalongo frme Trepano was the first who studied this plant and defined it.

Original: Museum of Naturol History, Verona, Italy (Bolca-Hall)

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